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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
PAVITR SHAADI is an exceptional online matrimonial portal that continuously endeavors to deliver best matrmonial services. We are robustly committed to protect your right to privacy. Below there is a privacy statement with regard to the information that we collect from you:
• What information does Pavitr shaadi collect from its members?
The website collects information from its members and guests who are applying for various matrimony services in PAVITR SHAADI. It includes but it may not be limited to email address, last name, first name, photo, date of birth, telephone number, pin code and a user-specified password etc.
• With whom the site will shares its information that it collects from the website?
The information collected from our website is shared with the members of new matrimonial company. Each & every information that you will give us will be detained with greatest care and safety. We are also bound to cooperate fully ought to a situation arise where they are necessary by law or legal system to provide knowledge about a customer.
• Do all visitors have to pay?

Yes, all guests to our web site might browse the positioning, search the ads and consider any articles or options our web site should supply while not getting into any personal data or paying cash.

• How to get in touch with PAVITR SHAADI Team?
All visitors can contact Pavitr Shaadi team through a range of mediums like Email, SMS, Voice IVR, messages, telecommunication calls etc.

Notice: We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time depending upon your comments or due to the result of change of policy in our company. For any queries regarding our privacy policy please contact us at
Pavitr Shaadi makes every possible effort to protect the discretion and privacy of its registered members. To safeguard the privacy of the users the website is designed with certain basic features as stated below:

Universal Features
Profile Design
The site is designed in a secure profile format so that only real members can contact you. The information that is collected is general in nature like age, height, location, occupation, family profile etc. All the information gathered will help to produce interest for potential right life partners. Uploading photos is not obligatory.
There is a profile setting area that is accessible from the header and footer part on all pages after a user has logged in. This will enable a member to view his/her profile. The site is searched by highly qualified, eligible family members of prospective brides and grooms so the profile will be visible to this important group of visitors.
For Photograph
If you want to upload your photos along with your profile then you have the following options:
I want my photos to be noticeable to all members.
 I want my photos to be perceptible only to members I contact and to members I accept.
You need to set that privacy level for your photograph which you feel comfortable with. The photograph privacy setting options are available in “MY Photos” Sections of the “My Profile” Page. This page can be accessed only after you have become a registered member. We would recommend you to go for the first privacy setting options that will help you to get more pertinent response.
For Contacts
When you register on, you need to specify your search criteria based on which people who are interested will contact you. There is a filter setting option which will be available once you have entered your desired partner profile.
Hence, whenever you are registering in, register with assurance because it is the most trusted and confidential Indian matrimonial website.